Guide: Adding an icon


You will need XCC Mixer, XCC MIX Editor and Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun and Paint Shop Pro.
You can download the XCC utilities from
You can download an evaluation version of Pant Shop Pro from

Extracting the right palet

Start XCC Mixer.
Open tibsun.mix.

Choose file->found->tiberian sun->tibsun.mix. Extract conquer.mix Right-click on conquer.mix and choose extract....
Save it in your TS directory.
Open conquer.mix. Double-click on conquer.mix. Select the output directory. There should be one vertical scrollbar. Right of it are two vertical bars. Drag the right-most bar to the right.
Now navigate to the directory where you want the output files to appear.
Convert the icon to pcx. Choose view->palet->tiberian sun->tibsun.mix - cache.mix - cameo.pal.
Right-click on apchicon.shp and choose copy as pcx.
Close XCC Mixer.
Converting the icon to pcx

Start Paint Shop Pro.
Open the pcx file you've saved a few minutes ago.
Save the palet.

Choose colors->save palette....
Save the palet somewhere, because you'll need it when converting icons.
Load your (new) icon.
Apply the palet. Choose colors->load palette....
Load the palet you just saved.
Save the icon. Choose file->save as...
Select zsoft paintbrush as file type.
Save the icon with the name xccicon 000.pcx.

Converting the icon to shp

Start XCC Mixer.
Navigate to the directory where you've just saved the icon.
Select the output directory.
Convert the icon to shp (ts).

Adding the icon to a mix file

Start XCC MIX Editor.
Open conquer.mix.

Choose open....
Load it in from TS directory.
Insert the icon. Start Windows Explorer.
Drag-and-drop your icon to XCC MIX Editor.
Choose compact.
Choose close.
Close XCC MIX Editor.
Adding the icon to a art.ini

Start a text editor.
Open art.ini.
Find [e1].
Change the line cameo=e1icon to cameo=xccicon.
Save art.ini.