Guide: Creating a multiplayer map


You will need XCC Editor and Command & Conquer.
You can download XCC Editor from
You can use C&C for DOS and C&C for Windows. If you use C&C for DOS, patch it to version 1.22p.

Creating the level

Start XCC Editor.
Give it a name.

Choose edit->edit basic....
Put the name XCC Test Map in the box name.
Close the dialog box.
Set a theater. Choose edit->edit map....
Choose winter in the box theater.
Close the dialog box.
Add some tiberium. Choose edit->lock overlay layer.
Right-click on the left pane and choose overlay.
Choose ti12.
Add the tiberium by clicking on the places where you want it.
Add lots of tiberum. Use the scrollbars to go to a clear part of the level.
Select an area by dragging the mouse from the topleft corner to the bottomright corner.
Right-click and choose fill with->tiberium.
Click somewhere to close the selected area.
Repeat this with different parts of the level.
Add player start positions. Right-click on a place where you want to add a player start position.
Choose set waypoint....
Double-click on index 0.
Repeat this for indexes 1 to 3.
Save the level. Choose file->save as....
Save the file as scm70ea in your C&C directory.

Playing the level

To play the level, you'll need to copy it also to the other computers that are participating in the multiplayer game. The level will show up in the list along with the default levels of C&C.


Q: Is it possible to play skirmish in C&C?
A: No, that's not possible.