Guide: Playing RA2 videos


You will need XCC Mixer, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 and RAD Video Tools.
You can download the XCC utilities from
You can download RAD Video Tools from

Extracting the video

Start XCC Mixer.
Navigate to your CD drive.
Open movies##.mix.
Select the output directory.

There should be one vertical scrollbar. Right of it are two vertical bars. Drag the right-most bar to the right.
Now navigate to the directory where you want the output files to appear.
Extract the video. Right-click on westlogo.bnk and choose copy.
Close XCC Mixer.
Playing the video

Start RAD Videlo Tools.
Navigate to the output directory where you've just copied westlogo.bnk to.
Play the video.
Close RAD Videlo Tools.