mp01t4South Pacific (2-4)standard
mp02t2Isle of War (2)standard, meatgrind
mp03t4Anytown, Amerika (2-4)standard
mp05t4Heartland (2-4)meatgrind, standard
mp06t2Urban Rush (2)standard, meatgrind
mp08t2Little Big Lake (2)meatgrind, standard
mp09t3Canyon Fodder (3)meatgrind, standard
mp11t2Pinch Point (2)meatgrind, standard
mp12s4Lake Blitzen (2-4)standard, meatgrind
mp13s4Montana DMZ (2-4)standard, meatgrind
mp14t2El Dorado (2)standard
mp15s4Snow Valley (2-4)standard, meatgrind
mp16s4Snowball's Chance (2-4)standard, meatgrind
mp17t6Malibu Cliffs (2-6)standard, meatgrind
mp18s3Cold War (2-3)standard
mp19t4Golden State Fwy (2-4)standard, meatgrind
mp20t6Wild Animal Park (2-6)standard, nukewar, navalwar
mp22s8Arctic Circle (2-8)standard, airwar, nukewar, navalwar
mp23t4Hammer and Sickle (2-4)standard, nukewar, navalwar
mp25t6DEFCON 6 (2-6)standard, meatgrind
mp26s6Bering Strait (2-6)standard, nukewar, navalwar
mp27t8A Path Beyond II (2-8)standard, meatgrind
mp29u2The Alamo (2)standard, meatgrind
mp30s6Siberian Wastes (2-6)nukewar, navalwar, standard
mp31s2May Day (2)standard, navalwar
mp32s8Heck Freezes Over (2-8)standard, meatgrind
mp33u4Paris Revisited (2-4)standard
mp34u4DC Uprising (2-4)standard
tn01t2Official Tournament Map A (2)standard
tn02s4Official Tournament Map (4)standard
tn04t2Official Tournament Map B (2)standard