Downloads: Third party

XCC Forum

This is a cool forum that can be used on web sites running on a x86 Linux server.

DHSoft's mod

DHSoft's game mod for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2: Yuri's revenge

VXL Stuff

Includes HVA Util and VXL Util and two documents about the HVA and VXL format.

VXL Section Editor II 1.7

Command & Conquer Player-X Style created by Father Kane

File containing the in-game graphics from Tiberian Sun converted into their respective Red Alert 2 palettes.

Guide: Creating your own title screen written by Smurf Bizkit

This guide explains how you can create your own title screen and use it in TS.

Tiberian Sun: Blank icons written by Blade

You can use these template icons to create your own icons with the same look as the original icons.

Dropship in GDI 1A

You can download this altered map that allows you to use the dropship loadout feature in map 1 of GDI.

Will's VXL Editor

Haydn's Mod1