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Read ThisDevistata22:00 11-04-2004

First Thing This Is A Great Idea

Ony One Problem Theres Not Enough Ppl On These Servers
Like I Was Just On And No One Else Was (Yuri's Revenge)We Have To Get More PPl On These Servers
and those Adds In The WOL Chats Arnt Working As You May Guess Think Of Some Thing Tht Every One On Ra WAnts Not Just the ppl who want not cheated ladders and chat etc.
Unless More PPl Read Those Chats It Wont Work We All Should Go On Westwoood And Spread It Around
And If WE Can Post Your Connection Tool On Clan Websites It Will BE Great
Guys A C&C Renegade Server Would Be A Great Idea EA Reallly $#%@#$ Up There

This Forum Is A Bit Boring If You Want I Can Ge Ya A Reallly Goood One

if So Email Me

Re: Read Thismeselfs23:02 12-04-20044

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