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File formatsHalo17:14 23-04-2004

To olaf or any 1 else than can help
Please can you help me with the formats of
*.csf and *.big
i have downloaded a few of your sourcecode files in an attempt to help me figure out
how to read these files using This is what i have gathered from your code.

Reading the default english generals.csf
This is what i have made my header

[ code]

Private Structure CSFHeader
Dim id As Int32
Dim flags1 As Int32
Dim count1 As Int32
Dim count2 As Int32
Dim zero As Int32
Dim flags2 As Int32
End Structure

[ code]

when i read that i get

count1 2774 Integer
count2 2773 Integer
flags1 3 Integer
flags2 0 Integer
id 1129530912 Integer
zero 0 Integer

wich i think is incorrect but then again i dont even know what those values are
suposed to tell me about the file.

What i have manged to work out, after the header follows a lbl value and rts value.
the value for lbl seems to be in plain english (string of diffrent lengths)
the value for rts seems to be incripted with certain ascii chars representing the
alphabet as well as integers.

but i dont know what to make the structure, is it 1 long string or maybe 2 strings ?

Reading the default english.big
This is what i have made my header

[ code]

Private Structure BIGFHeader
Dim id As Int32
Dim size As Int32
Dim mc_files As Int32
Dim mcb_header As Int32
End Structure

[ code]

when i read that i get

id 1179076930 Integer
mc_files 167772160 Integer
mcb_header -1811873792 Integer
size 2771924 Integer

wich i gather size is the size of the big file and is in fact correct
but i have no clue what id, mc_files and mcb_header is suposed to represent

i do see that included in the header is the path and name of each file
wich i think maybe is suposed to be in a structure called mc_files or mcb_header ?
i also think that the filesizes of each file must also be in the header ?
But i am not sure about that.

I am making an editor for generals and i dont have a problem with the ini's, but
the opening and editing and saving of the binary files has got me stuck. Even with
looking at your c++ code i dont understand much of it. Please could you help explain
a little about these formats? I know that you dont code in but if you could
tell me the structure in plain english i think that it could help out alot. Making
the editor isnt going to have the same effect as if i cant read from the *.Big and
*.csf files.

GenDev: Project Team
icq: 233-103-157

Re: File formatsOlaf van der Spek20:43 23-04-20042
    Re: File formatsHalo21:37 23-04-2004

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