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vxl paletteCorscaria17:23 25-06-2004
Re: vxl paletteOlaf van der Spek09:00 26-06-2004

> the palette stored inside of .vxl files are not 18bit, they are 24bit. I came to the conclusion after writing my own renderer for the files, and tried to 18 to 24 bit palette conversion in XCC after seeing a post saying the palettes are 18bit somewhere, the colors came out all wrong, when i didn't use the conversion, the colors were all correct.

> i'm betting the 18bit is only for the pal files, which are not needed to display the voxels

As far as I know the palet inside VXLs isn't used by the game itself.
Try to clear the palet by replacing it with zeros.

Olaf van der Spek

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Re: vxl paletteArgCmdr15:21 26-06-2004

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