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Generic FailurePanzer00:02 06-12-2004
Re: Generic FailureOlaf van der Spek12:43 06-12-2004

> When I try to install RA I get this "Generic Failure "POP up Box. Ra does Start to laod Then then the arrow Turns red. Then I get the following message On the Load up Screen.
> "Security Clearence Invalid. Shutting Down. Command Override Given.
> 1St Level Security Authorization By user (Unknown) at Terminal Unkown. Soft Ware Encryption Lock A1 defated."
> I think I have some sort of virus .Or hack. I have purchased a new Version of RA deleted my old and This message still appears when I try to Load Ra. Could some one Help pls?

RA1? RA2?
Which Windows?

Olaf van der Spek

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