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Help... Can't load RA2 or Yuridorazio17:14 19-12-2004

I have 1.2 gig AMD T-bird with 768 PC133 Ram [64 shared with onboard video]. I use XP Pro SP2 OS. I've been playing Yuri for over 2 years with this setup with no problems... until yesterday. I started Yuri and screen went to black as usual but then popped back to desktop. Same happens with RA2. I've uninstalled [including all registry references]. Whe I try to reintall... I insert CD, click install and the screen does the same... goes to black then pops back to desktop. Help please.

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Re: Help... Can't load RA2 or YuriOlaf van der Spek20:20 19-12-2004

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