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EA Partners with XWIS Community ServiceOlaf van der Spek21:02 06-10-2005
This is a huge waste of internet spacePissed off21:29 03-11-2005

You know I have been trying to access anything on line at this point using this (Whatever it is) for over 3 months now...The probelem is that no one left insteructions as what exactly need to be done in order to use this sites service..

You people need to straighten your act out....
If your going to provide a service then explain how the frig to use it

As of right now

If there was a way to sue you people for false advertisement...I would do it.
Because you are offering a service that so far I have yet to see work..or even allow you to go on line.

VERY SIMPLE IN STEP BY STEP from start to finish:
What is everything you need to do in order to use this site to get on line to play nox.
And don't tell me to read a manual or leaving links to click...THAT'S ALL THE CRAP I'M SICK AND TIRED OF DOING

I'm not going to read anymore misleading manuals or any other crap like that.
Just post the instructions and we'll be good to go.

After all it is this sites responsiblity to provide CLEAR CUT explinations.....So go ahead now...Give me the clear cut explination as a reply

Thank you!

Re: This is a huge waste of internet spaceStarBlazer17:18 04-11-20052
    Re: This is a huge waste of internet spacesuicdman18:48 04-11-2005

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