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Hard coding?Namretti11:48 22-11-2001
Re: Hard coding?Slow Poke13:42 22-11-2001
Re: Hard coding?Long_Gone01:36 23-11-2001
Re: Hard coding?Slow Poke14:09 23-11-2001

> > > When the ini mentions that certain things in the game(like the super weapons)are hard coded, how does the average tweaker get to that stuff. I am not looking to do anything with this for a mod-but more of a home project for my own amusement. Any help would be appreciated:)

> > We tried that a long time ago. Not possible.

> unfortunately :-(
> maybe if we infiltrate WW, as new recruits, and ban hard coding thing?

New Recruits? Where's the fun in that? Go in, James Bond Style! :cool

Re: Hard coding?Gotrek07:09 25-11-2001

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