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Source code and compiling.Joey Bishop21:29 04-03-2008
Re: Source code and compiling.Olaf van der Spek21:46 04-03-2008

> Hello, I am curious on what steps need to be taken to be able to compile the source code.

> I currently have all the source downloaded from svn.
> I have heard that Visual C++ 6 is the compiler you use, is this correct?

I used 6 in the past, I'm using 2005 at the moment. But the latest working version was compiled with 6.

> Do I also need any additional libraries SDK's?

Yes, at least the Platform and DirectX SDKs and tons of libraries (bzip2, jpeg, lzo, ogg vorbis, zlib).

> Does Visual C++ automatically figure out what a "project" is and know how to compile it? I do not see any makefiles, unless it has it's own format for such things.

VC uses .vcproj.

> I couldn't find anything about these things on sourceforge or your site. Might I suggest a readme file?

When all the libraries are available it shouldn't be that hard. Unfortunately, getting all those libraries available is a disaster, on Windows, in my opinion. That's the reason I haven't got a working version compiled with 2005 yet.

> And finally, great work with all of these things. Your tools are lightweight and wonderful when it comes to modding.


Olaf van der Spek

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Re: Source code and compiling.Joey Bishop00:20 05-03-20082
    Re: Source code and compiling.Olaf van der Spek09:36 05-03-2008

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