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Units Name and Buildings (RA2 - YR)Knife04:39 24-11-2001
Re: Units Name and Buildings (RA2 - YR)Blade15:04 25-11-2001

> In Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge I am having trouble getting the units' names to appear properly, it says MISSING Name:and the units name, I am pretty new to this so its probably soooooo easy to get round but...

Others dealt with this

> I was also wondering how you add building animations - the ones that play when... say... it is just placed or when a units is made from it or something

With immense difficulty. Though he may have improved them, just look at a few of the anims for the new stuff in DeeZires mod, they look a little rough for the most part unless he took them from something else (the new tech centre springs to mind...I did the build up and the active anims are from TS). I have made buildups for a number of structures that you can find on my site, though most of them are TS structures. Most of them are good but are far from perfect and still aren't as good as most WW ones and they took me hours to make by 2D editing. For existing structures this is pretty much the only way to go, but if you make your own structure with a 3D program you could do a build anim too.


> Thanks!

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