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String TablesKnife06:07 25-11-2001
Re: String TablesGotrek07:39 25-11-2001
Re: String TablesKnife22:30 25-11-2001

> > ummm... When i edit the string table in RA2 YR it works fine but... it seems to have done it to the actual ra2 files - i had a feeling it had done this so i reinstalled ra2 and the units names were not right again...

> > My question is... how do you get XCC Mixer to make another string table which doesn't permanently overwrite the original so you can add it with XCC Mod Creator?

> > (And how do you make shps with more than one frame?)

> The String Table file (ra2md.csf) is kept within the langmd.mix file. When you use the String Table Editor, the file is automatically extracted to the RA2 directory, so the original remains unchanged. You don't need to put the file back into the MIX files, just leave it in the game directory and it'll work fine.

> If you mess up the String Table, simply delete ra2md.csf from the RA2 directory, and run the String Table Editor again, it will extract a new copy for you.

oh! ok, thanks!

Re: String TablesGotrek08:13 26-11-2001

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