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Red Alert Version3.03killa5718:29 04-04-2010
Re: Red Alert Version3.03Olaf van der Spek13:39 06-04-2010
Re: Red Alert Version3.03Tore19:49 06-04-2010
Re: Red Alert Version3.03killa5704:16 07-04-2010
Re: Red Alert Version3.03Olaf van der Spek10:55 07-04-2010

> > > > Id like to know what the status is on the red alert 3.03 internet lobby? So far Im not the only one not able to login.
> > > > Sooooo... Whats the status is it going to be up soon? :)

> > > It's down...
> > > Where can RA1 3.03 be downloaded?

> > A RA installer with RA 3.03 included can be downloaded from here:;sa=view;down=21

> > The patch itself can be downloaded from here:;sa=view;down=13

> So how did the install go?

Not so well, there were problems with the shared internet components.

> If you have a problem let us know and i got a pic of when wireshark was trying to connect to RA1 3.03... The Pic doesn't make sense to me you might be able to do something with it id rather pm it to you
> if you need it...

Nah, it's fixed. It uses tcp:5000.

Olaf van der Spek

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Re: Red Alert Version3.03killa5716:29 07-04-2010

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