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Making a simple modDouwe Kasemier01:50 26-11-2001

I'm making a simple mod in the boring way.. the mod is an action against al those mods and total conversions that most of the time have a gameplay which is not as good as the original gameplay. So i'm just beginning with a simple rules.ini edit which i test on trial and error purely intented to make multiplayer gaming more fun. For exemple I used the Lunar Infantery to give the allies a somewhat more anti-tank rocketeer that's a bit more costable, but i will NEVER fill up the holes in the game that give the other player strategic possibilities.. otherwise you might (and this happens a lot in mods) always end up attacking eachother with HUGE forces, this is Red Alert, not World War 1!

For this reason I like too ask if people have good idea's for my mod (probably idea's they thought of when playing online)

The other thing is, do you guys think it's possible to make buildings occupiable by more infantery. Yesm they can occupy it by a single rule in rules.ini.. But they won't use their own weapon.. i think it's really cool if you can use buildings just like battle fortresses and IFV's.. do you think it's even possible? And if that's not, is it possible to do it with battle bunker

My current changes:

- War miner has 40% more armor and can crush anything (just like the battlefortress) and it shoots futher
- Chrono miner is 50% faster
- Slave miner has incredible cool long range AA machinegun and is 33% faster.. it also shoots futher
- Allies have strong Lunar Infantery (additional too rocketeer)
- Ore grows faster
- Kirov has more armor and does "very big boom" when dies
- Virus doesn't even tries to shoot at tanks and that kind of stuff
- Virus has longer reload and more fireing power allowing it to instantly kill every infantery (that's realistic, it's a nasty virus in your body, i don't think you need more nasty virus to blow a GI's head of)
- Virus can't hit plate armored infantery or heroes (let's say hero's are antidoted against her powers)
- When elite virus shoots an enemy, guess what.. it will become a brute, how adorable :)

I'm Currently working on:

- Any infantery can occupy building

Re: Making a simple modDouwe Kasemier02:58 26-11-2001

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