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XCC Mixer 1.47Olaf van der Spek14:27 16-05-2012
Re: XCC Mixer 1.47Bullet1013:16 16-11-2013

> <a href="/utilities/XCC_Utilities.exe">XCC Mixer</a> has been updated.

With XCC Mixer 1.47 i cant copy or convert files from Red Alert Mix files. The files wont appear in the Utilities Folder of XCC Mixer, although it is set in the Directories Options. And if u want to set the Directory Path for example to "... \Command & Conquer Red Alert(tm)" then it always sets it back to "...\Command & Conquer Red Alert" although it is wrong. I dont have this problems with XCC Mixer 1.44!
Thank you if you fix this :)

Re: XCC Mixer 1.47Olaf van der Spek14:51 17-11-2013

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