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TS style normal index list....flyby00:56 02-12-2001
flybyAlon Tzarafi01:38 02-12-2001
Re: flybyflyby02:22 02-12-2001
Re: flybyViPr11:08 02-12-2001
Re: flybyflyby18:43 02-12-2001

> I will not be implementing an auto-normal feature similar to Will and Koen. If people want that they will have to take the voxels output from my program and run them through Will's or Koen's programs. I'm only interested in the full RA2 set of normals indexes.

I'm very, very, sorry I even considered you were intrested in the TS normals... :rolleyes:
pffff... you got out of the wrong side of your bed, didn't you?

I said the RA2 voxels are next, but it did make a lot of sense to tackle the TS normals first...

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