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Guide to painting perfect normals...Godwin00:25 04-12-2001
Re: Guide to painting perfect normals...Koen van de Sande03:39 04-12-2001

> ok, im working on the written part now, what i need is help on the technical parts, i will be taking what haydn said on his site, but i also need stuff on the recent developements(flyby should be helpful) and i will reference to the vxl analyser(pls write like how it works) and that u guys are workign on the ra2 normals
A guide... don't touch any buttons but Browse and Apply normals unless you're a normals expert/programmer. Those buttons are just for me :)
Just kidding, but the average user doesn't have to edit the facings/normals mapping and he doesn't need to analyse them either. But I had to :)

Re: Guide to painting perfect normals...haydn03:33 05-12-2001

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