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yesReaprZero14:26 02-12-2001
Re: really?Long_Gone21:54 02-12-2001
Re: really?ReaprZero02:59 03-12-2001
Re: really?Gotrek07:05 03-12-2001
Re: really?Long_Gone09:04 03-12-2001
NoReaprZero09:07 03-12-2001
Re: NoGotrek06:48 04-12-2001
Re: Sure thing pleaseLong_Gone07:10 04-12-2001
Re: Sure thing pleaseGotrek07:15 04-12-2001
Re: Sure thing pleaseLong_Gone08:52 04-12-2001
Re: Sure thing pleaseGotrek06:36 05-12-2001

> > > > Quite so, that was a silly question.

> > > > I think it was

> > > > do you want some peanut brittle in your sandwhich?

> > > no thanks

> > well it wasn't actually an offer, since we're in different parts of the country, so it would take a while to get there.

> o.. ok...
> you couldnt scan it in and e-mail it then?

No, then I'd get peanut brittle all over my scanner, and then I'd get annoyed
Besides, I don't know your email address, so I'd go to all that effort of making a peanut brittle sandwhich, scanning it (thus getting annoyed by a sticky scanner) then wonder what to do with the new image I'd created, before finally deciding that the Recycle Bin would probably enjoy it

Re: Sure thing pleaseLong_Gone20:36 05-12-20013
    Re: Sure thing pleaseGotrek07:43 06-12-2001
        Re: Sure thing pleaseReaprZero11:55 07-12-2001

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