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yesReaprZero14:26 02-12-2001
Re: really?Long_Gone21:54 02-12-2001
Re: really?ReaprZero02:59 03-12-2001
Re: really?Gotrek07:05 03-12-2001
Re: really?Long_Gone09:04 03-12-2001
NoReaprZero09:07 03-12-2001
Re: NoGotrek06:48 04-12-2001
Re: Sure thing pleaseLong_Gone07:10 04-12-2001
Re: Sure thing pleaseGotrek07:15 04-12-2001
Re: Sure thing pleaseReaprZero07:53 04-12-2001
Re: Sure thing pleaseGotrek06:39 05-12-2001
Re: Sure thing pleaseLong_Gone20:35 05-12-2001
Re: Sure thing pleaseGotrek06:44 06-12-2001
Re: Sure thing pleaseReaprZero11:55 07-12-2001

stop posting such long messages, I don't have the attention span to read them all
but I did notice "peanut brittle"
and "reapr"

> > > If you're refering to the peanut brittle offer, that was a couple of levels up this thread. We're now on to the stage where I explain that it wasn't actually an offer, and since we're on different sides of an ocean, it would take so long to get to you that it would have gone mouldy by the time it arrived, and then you wouldn't want it

> > or i dont like it..

> No my response to you was the one about being in different parts of the country. THIS peaunut brittle sandwhich is the one not being sent across the ocean to Reapr, who would like it, except that he wouldn't.
> The one you don't like is the one I didn't send to you within England, not because you didn't want one.

Re: Sure thing pleaseGotrek06:39 09-12-2001

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