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ViPr, come hereAlon Tzarafi01:48 08-12-2001
Re: ViPr, come hereViPr08:01 08-12-2001
Re: ViPr, come hereAlon Tzarafi19:50 08-12-2001
Re: ViPr, come hereViPr07:33 09-12-2001

> > > Are you working on that external table link Vipr?
> > > I rally need it soon, i found alot of normals but
> > > it's kind of a blind job now because i can't test
> > > what i discover so i rather only continue when
> > > it's done.

> > ok i hope to have it ready sometime tomorrow. i need to go to bed now i'm tired.

> Okay good

okay i sent it to you.

people, while looking at my code to make the version Alon requested i think i discovered a bug that will cause the colors to be screwed up on the voxels. did anyone notice this? it happens instead of the "3ds not found" error that was caused by the program not finding the ini file coz i didn't know i needed to use the path. anyway i forgot i also needed the path for the palette file. anyway that should all be fixed now but i don't want to bother releasing a new version of my program publically yet. i think i'll wait till the normals are finished :p

Olaf can you redo your voxel viewer? :p my voxels still look weird in your viewer. also the horizontal scroll bar doesn't go all the way, and you still didn't fix the left right flip problem. Will and Koen, have you put a 3d voxel viewer into your programs?

btw everyone, i found out i still have my 2 test slab voxels on my hard disk. they are kinda big though. around 700k each.

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