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xcc mixer probTheKGBspy16:52 09-12-2001
Re: xcc mixer probOlaf van der Spek19:30 09-12-2001
Re: xcc mixer probTheKGBspy02:51 10-12-2001
Re: xcc mixer probOlaf van der Spek02:53 10-12-2001
Re: xcc mixer probTheKGBspy04:03 10-12-2001

> > > > i dont see real name for yr file in the mix file!! instead of giving me the name it give me the id name ex: Spyplane.vxl (i dont know if its exavtly that) it give me : ab180ed ... .vxl why?

> > > Do you have the latest version?

> > yep 1.15. the yr image load percfectly but for the name it dont show the "decoded" name.

> Go to View - Directories and reset the data dir. Then restart Mixer.

yo tanx it workded

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