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SectionsNoGood12:00 17-12-2001
Re: SectionsBlade02:03 18-12-2001

> Any decent knowledge on Sections or Tutorials about?

Err, well I know how to make and use sections effectively, but I don't think there are many tutorials (particularly for making multisection voxels) available...infact I only remember reading about one tutorial associated with this subject and thats the hva editing one. For making sections effectively (until the new more functional SE is completed), use the original voxel editor to make single voxels that will be the sections and then use vxlutil to join them in sequential rounds of joining (assuming there are to be more than 2 sections) to build up the multi section voxel. Then create a new .hva in HVAedit that animates the sections relative to each other (such as rotors). Watchout though, one program (I suspect XCC itself) makes voxels with incorrect header info that RA2 can cope with so long as the unit is single section, but that HVAedit can't handle to make new animations.

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