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XCC WOL IRC Filter 1.07Olaf van der Spek04:36 22-12-2001
Re: XCC WOL IRC Filter 1.07arora0009:12 23-12-2001
Re: XCC WOL IRC Filter 1.07arora0001:29 24-12-2001
Re: XCC WOL IRC Filter 1.07Olaf van der Spek18:22 24-12-2001

> Well, it gives me the screen
> 'Requesting Channel List', and then it tells 'Connection could not be established'.

> When i try it on Euro though, right after. It works perfectly fine.

> Windows 98.

> I got it to work on Custom Match.
> But on Quickmatches. Its very slow. I mean it takes forever to leave a channel and make one.
> That in the mean time I get this error 'Timed out Waiting for game to start'

Does that happen on 1.07 or only 1.06?
Do you have a large buddy list?
What connection speed do you have?

> I really like XWIF 1.07. Its very fast.

> Thanks for spending all of ur time though.
> Its nice to know, that there are still people like u.
> Who care bout others and not just themselves. :)

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