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XCC WOL IRC Filter 1.08Olaf van der Spek01:35 28-12-2001
XWIF source code and suggestinMatthew J13:39 29-12-2001
Re: XWIF source code and suggestinOlaf van der Spek01:55 30-12-2001

> Hey waz up olaf, great piece of software, works like a charm. Have you released the source code?


> I have a suggestion and want to try and implement it...I like the fact that the xwif filters ppl that are ranked lower but I would like to be able to play a person that may be ranked 1000 or more points ahead of me. I'm sure that number can be customized with a few lines of code and I would be happy to hack it but I couldn't find the source online.

That's easy to implement indeed. But it's not implemented because of bad side effects. For example, the opponent probably doesn't want to play you.

> thanx for xwif Olaf
> Matthew J

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