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Ion CannonMister Nutt01:04 03-01-2002
Re: Ion CannonBlade05:10 03-01-2002

> Something I thought of in the past 5 minutes - there are tutorials all over the place on how to get the TS Ion Cannon palettes, icons, and animations into RA2 - But, is it at all possible to import (or simply re-create) the ICan itself? I noticed that WW changed the Ion Storm into the Weatherstorm. Is it possible to modify an existing RA2 superweapon into the ICan, or to "add" it? (Maybe there's some code left over from TS, like with the cluster missile?)
> Thanks

Its possible to make a weapon that looks like the icon cannon and replaced an existing weapon, but its quite involved.

Re: Ion CannonMister Nutt11:41 03-01-20022
    Re: Ion CannonVlad0604:54 05-06-2002

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