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Just checking inStrategic Commander01:19 05-01-2002
Re: Just checking inbasic119:28 05-01-2002

> It's great to see that everyone is still hanging around. I see there has been some work done with normalizing and some other things that we never got resolved way back when. I myself have done very little editing in the last while, but it's good to know that someone is. So, are there any major modding projects underway right now?

abscnc is still plodding away. We have a working sample now. Koen and a few other coders are doing some good things.
looking to fill a few positions at the moment. Anyone else interested should head over there and have a look at the news.

Anything happening in the community? My old e-mail is down, permanently it seems, so I've lost most of my old contacts.

> Well, I just want to say "hey" to all the old timers: Olaf (of course), Will, Reapr, ViPr, Blade, basic1, and any one else that I may have forgotten.

I'm not that old :p, I can't be, I haven't done much for the community at all. :(

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