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Request! Search for voxel creatorKirov00:13 06-01-2002
Re: Request! Search for voxel creatorhaydn09:20 06-01-2002
Re: Request! Search for voxel creatorKirov18:51 06-01-2002

> > I am searching for a person who is a pro or just real good at creating new voxels. I am not good(and my pc isn't that strong)at creating voxels of great size(which I want to make). Now if there is anyone who wants to know what he/she has to create he /she can reply with your e-mail and you will get a drawing I made with 4 pictures on it. One front, one side, a top and a 3D model of how the voxels has to look like.

> I sound like the chap.
> will not promise though.

Thanks Haydn check your mailbox today.

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