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Thunderbolt and teslasnapKirov00:17 06-01-2002
Re: Thunderbolt and teslasnapGodwin13:13 06-01-2002
Re: Thunderbolt and teslasnapKirov18:54 06-01-2002

> > this post has two questions.
> > 1. Does anyone have a teslasnap like the one in RA2 and some .INI rules(for art and rules).

> > 2. Does anyone know how to get a projectile to look the same as the thunderbolt from RA2(in the weatherstorm).

> > If anyone has one of these please e-mail me those coz I would really appreciate that.

> it's all in RA2 and the mixes, why dont you go on an exploration tour yourself?

O sorry I have the thunderbolt and some more stuff(all from the RA2 mixes)but I don't now how to let a thunder bolt down from a unit to the ground or where I can find and how to use the teslasnap(I have found the teslaexxplosion and the teslainf.death but the snap itself)Help?

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