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RA2Nuek in TS???Kirov04:02 31-12-2001
Re: RA2Nuek in TS???Blade05:47 01-01-2002
Re: RA2Nuek in TS???Kirov19:04 06-01-2002

> > I got all the shp files from ra2 and made ts shp's from them but How do I have to put them in TS? Becoz there is no good palette for the nuke I have already taken the correct palette from RA2 but now for the rest. Can Somebody Help Me?

> Err, apply the TS anim pallet with nearest colour matching to the RA2 nuke explosion. BTW< the superweapon codes for hte nuke don't work in TS, so don't try that and the radiation effect isn't in it either.

The radiation effect doesn't have to show upbut I have made it possible to make a superweapon out of it(not a new one and don;t ask how I did it) and it looks great. here I come he he he he he oops

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