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Good to be backStrategic Commander06:04 16-10-2001
Re: Good to be backOlaf van der Spek18:07 16-10-2001
Re: Good to be backGellpak06:44 17-10-2001

> > Olaf, you need more links to this site. I had a terrible time finding it.

> I know. But it hasn't be up for long here yet.

Gimme a button and I'll give ya a link.

> > I wanted to ask if you could come up with a converer for voxels, one that can change the normals index from the RA2 style 4 to TS style 2 in that unknown field. It would help voxel editors take advantage of some of the more workable tools.

> You can use a hex editor for that.

> > And of course, as always, I love this forum :)

Re: Good to be backOlaf van der Spek20:23 17-10-2001

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