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XCC Mixer 1.18Olaf van der Spek22:41 19-01-2002

The find file dialog has been improved. It now supports wildcards ('?' and '*'), remembers the last query and allows you to directly select the file by double-clicking.

The resizer has been improved and now supports JPEG, PCX, PNG and SHP. It supports transparency better. The first A10 is resized to 400% using PSP's pixel resize. The second A10 is resized using XCC Mixer's resizer, equivalent to PSP's smart resize.

Get it here.

Re: XCC Mixer 1.18c&c fan01:24 21-01-20025
    Re: XCC Mixer 1.18Olaf van der Spek03:28 21-01-2002
    Mix filealim06:35 05-07-2004
        Re: Mix filealim06:36 05-07-2004
        Re: Mix fileOlaf van der Spek09:15 05-07-2004

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