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the TMP editor functionality (yet again)Blade00:53 22-01-2002
Re: the TMP editor functionality (yet again)Olaf van der Spek21:35 22-01-2002
Re: the TMP editor functionality (yet again)Blade03:32 23-01-2002

> > Olaf, how do you position extra image data in the negative X and Y directions...the editors doesn't seem to want to let me specify negative numbers in the properties dialog for the extra image position :(. Its not so much a problem for hte Y direction since the image starts at the top of anyhow, but X is more of a problem.

> I tried to mail you a new version, but the EXE got rejected. I'll send a ZIP soon.

Thanks...I'll give it a test run. I decided to use a structure for what I was making though (giant ant hill) so it can be destroyed and captured for added mission effect ;)

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