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Getting StatredDonnie Bell00:02 24-01-2002
Re: Getting StatredOlaf van der Spek00:17 24-01-2002

> I already have FINAL SUN. My problem is, I can begin to use the program and make my map. But, how do I activate it for multiplayer use? And how do I make MODS for infantry and structures and everything placed into the map for multiplayer use? I just don't know how to use the software at all. Can you tell me where to place my AV Player, how to use it. My XCC editor, where to place it and how to use it etc,etc......I am lost still Please help me. I need explicit instructions and explicit walkthru.......Thanks..

> Donnie

It doesn't matter where you place them. Just launch them and try thinks. Don't forget to read all tutorials.

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