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.SHP crapTom H.09:09 24-01-2002
Re: .SHP crapGotrek08:56 25-01-2002

> It's me again, with more .SHP file problems: I can't use any TS files for RA 2. I noticed that the art.ini still has [E1Sequence] in it, but the .SHP only uses the first frame. Is it worth mentioning that I'm using the Slavic file and calling the unit [SPEC1]?

I take it you are trying to put TS infantry into RA2 then?
You need to copy from TS art.ini to RA2 art.ini the [E1Sequence] and call it [SPEC1Sequence]. Then make this the sequence used under [SPEC1]. The RA2 sequences won't work with TS shps.

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