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error 1-the hek is dat???Whatever13:27 24-01-2002
Re: error 1-the hek is dat???ReaprZero05:11 25-01-2002
Re: error 1-the hek is dat???Olaf van der Spek21:32 25-01-2002
Re: error 1-the hek is dat???ReaprZero09:21 27-01-2002

> > > im tryin to extract some .shp files from load.mix but when I attempt to convert them into jpeg form it says failed, error 1, what am it was funny, people are still asking about these 1 errors... gibit always poked fun at them... I bet gibit is still reading this forum :( GIBIT TALK TO ME ON ICQ!!! WHERE ARE YOU??!!! T_T I doing wrong??
> > > oh, I did find the correct pallett for the shp.

> > lol

> lol?
> Why?

because I hate you, Trebeck.

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