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time for my ranting and raving sessionViPr23:20 19-01-2002
Re: time for my ranting and raving sessionViPr17:03 28-01-2002

> ok well i updated 3ds2vxl.

> i redid the controls code so now you can use the mouse and the keyboard at the same time without weird things happening. the code should also make it easier for me to do the AI stuff i am planning on adding.

is it ok if i change the controls to FPS style since now i have the mouse working? i will use the expert configuration of WSAD C SPACE. i'll make the RETURN key do fullscreen render instead of SPACE. ok? is that ok with everyone? in future i'll let people make up their own controls but right now i can't be bothered.

does anyone know more than me about 3ds yet? flyby, are you buddys with Justin Winters? coz he's like so busy he can't talk to me. he takes ages to reply and then he doesn't even answer my questions. i asked him if i need to support glossiness. i mean does he use it a lot? btw is there a way to set glossiness to whole faces without the need for a texture in 3ds format? i don't see it in the documents. maybe it's mislabelled.

Re: time for my ranting and raving sessionAlon-Balon22:13 28-01-2002

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