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ClonesSweet.Jesus07:16 28-01-2002
Re: ClonesSweet.Jesus17:27 28-01-2002
Re: ClonesOlaf van der Spek19:35 28-01-2002
Re: ClonesSweet.Jesus22:37 28-01-2002
Re: ClonesOlaf van der Spek22:46 28-01-2002

> let me explain in detail, I can create an icon that works with existing units, yet when I put in in the art.ini for my new unit it doesn't work. If I place it in the old units it works. These are the units I cloned, for instance I cloned a GI to make a chrono GI. The weird part is whichever icon I use for the GI the Chrono GI also uses that icon. I took two pre existing units and changed their icons, that worked just fine but once I clone a unit the icon doesn't work on them. If you like I could send you the ini files I have changed with a step by step listing of what i did & where, however I doubt you will have time to go through that I'm sure you are quiet busy.

You're right. But you can easily post them here.
I think you have to clone the art entry too, because now the art entry seems shared with the original GI.

> Thanx for ur time:), if at all possible could u just take one last shot at my problem, please. I'm seriously stuck

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