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would you guys...xDoc315x05:50 02-02-2002
Re: would you guys...Gotrek07:47 02-02-2002
Re: would you guys...Olaf van der Spek07:52 02-02-2002
Re: would you guys...Gotrek09:14 02-02-2002
Re: would you guys...Godwin00:16 03-02-2002

> > > > Would you guys like to use my forum its a lot nicer then this if so just start posting i will make who you want mods etc

> > > oh go away!!!! I couldn't care if your forum was the best in the entire universe! I'll post where I want to post, not some forum I've never heard of just because the owner says it's 'really nice'

> > Please be a little bit nicer!

> I'm sorry, both to you and to xdoc. I just felt like he was making a verbal attack on this forum, and since I really like coming here, I became a little too defensive. :-)

> > > And even if I DID want to check out your forum, you haven't provided a link!

seriously, olaf's own forum is adequate, other than vb, there's no really other thing that can match its simplistic interface

Re: would you guys...Karreman07:39 04-02-20022
    Re: would you guys...Olaf van der Spek08:03 04-02-2002

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