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CSS/HTMLOlaf van der Spek21:03 06-02-2002
Re: CSS/HTMLWill21:08 06-02-2002
Re: CSS/HTMLOlaf van der Spek21:25 06-02-2002
Re: CSS/HTMLWill21:42 06-02-2002
Re: CSS/HTMLWill21:54 06-02-2002

> > > you mean beside each other? maybe not use a table, just inline text?

> > But I want each entry to be at the same horizontal position as the one above it.

try this; its a bodge but it seems to work on IE5.5

<table border=1> <!-- show border just for debug -->

<tr><td>subject<td>author<td nowrap>date time<td width="100%">&nbsp;
<tr><td colspan=4>message goes here

<tr><td>subject<td>author<td>date time<td>
<tr><td colspan=4>message goes here


notes: in the subject, author and date-time fields, replace all spaces with &nbsp; (or try disabling wordwrap)

you only need to set the column width to "100%" in the first message, but can't see the harm in doing it for every message.

let me know if this works well :-)
to look ok, you

Re: CSS/HTMLWill21:55 06-02-2002
Re: CSS/HTMLKarreman10:29 07-02-20022
    Re: CSS/HTMLOlaf van der Spek16:17 07-02-2002

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