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Making VoxelsHyperjag300:02 11-02-2002
Re: Making VoxelsHyperjag300:05 11-02-2002
Re: Making Voxelshaydn05:19 11-02-2002

> > I was wondering if anyone knows of a good Voxel and HVA Editor Guide or if someone would be kind enough to write a short one for me. :) I also have a few questions about voxels. Here they are: 1. What are normals/autonormals and what do they do? 2. What is a multi section voxel? 3. Why does the Voxel Editor have certain colors that change to pink or green? Why don't they just have all the colors that show up like they look on the palette?

#1. Normals are a bit like lighting values. Use VxlSe1.6 and select auto-normals. job done.
#2. A model with more than one section in the same file. Quite complex to do so start off with normal single section ones (with turrets/barrels in seperate files).
#3. See this palette guide:

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