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I need help with XCCBanshee13:48 05-03-2002
Re: I need help with XCCOlaf van der Spek23:27 05-03-2002

> I`ve recently had a problem with Windows that were making my modem not work and screwing up with some windows programs, specially Windows Explorer. I had to make a "hard reinstall" to fix it, since just reinstalling didn`t fixed the problem. A "hard reinstall" where I had to delete my windows dir. I have all my old files in a zip file and some of them in the other hard disk, but I lost all my old register, and since I don`t know if that was the problem that was screwing up my Windows or not, I prefer not to put that back. So, I lost all the register stuff from my Westwood programs. Tiberian Sun still runs here ( haven`t tested Red Alert 2), but XCC had problems. It needed a dll that I already got from my other HD, but it does not load the Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 palletes. How do I fix it? Do I really have to reinstall everything back?

Either reinstall TS and RA2 or import the relevant registry keys.

Re: I need help with XCCBanshee12:47 06-03-20023
    Re: I need help with XCCOlaf van der Spek16:55 06-03-2002
        Re: I need help with XCCBanshee14:03 09-03-2002

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