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creating/editing mix filesjalal06:59 06-03-2002
Re: creating/editing mix filesOlaf van der Spek16:54 06-03-2002
need some help from OLAFjalal05:48 07-03-2002
Re: need some help from OLAFGodwin20:14 08-03-2002

> hey guys...
> if anyone downloaded modes for YR u will know what i am talking about...
> i downloaded almost all of them i.e. Fallen Angels, Devastation, Patriot, Endless war. and i couldnt get them to work at first but now i think i figured out a way i have to rename expand of fallen angels and endless war to make them work. i jsut want to know what files do i have to remove and what files do i have to rename in order to make them work. i will be very thankful for your help..

they are dumb n00b mods

> mr. olaf sir. i think u r the person who make those mods. i will appreciate your help.

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