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help with voxels pleaseramon18:13 10-03-2002
Re: help with voxels pleaseGodwin03:15 11-03-2002
Re: help with voxels pleaseKoen van de Sande06:31 12-03-2002

> > how do you resise voxel files so that the actual unit is stretched? how can you do ra2 normals. thanks for your help.

> there is no difference between 'ra2' and 'ts' normals, the names are given because of the different styles, where ra2 normals have more shades or indexes, thus giving voxels more shades, the naems are such because the TS normals were used in TS, and the RA2 normals appeared in RA2, TS normals can be used in RA2(the rhino, grand cannon turret and stuff have it), u just have to make sure the normals header for the ts normals(the pink kind)is 2 and for ra2 normals its 4

> as for how to apply normals, u can paint them by hand, which is what i do, or use the auto-normaliser with the latest version of the VXLSE
If you're looking for the latest version, see another post on this forum, or download

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