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A resolution question...?Namretti22:25 10-03-2002
Re: A resolution question...?Koen van de Sande02:48 11-03-2002
Re: A resolution question...?Namretti03:29 11-03-2002
Re: A resolution question...?Slavick11:28 14-03-2002

> > > I have been out of editing RA2 for a while now(looking at making at a CnC:Renegade>Starcraft Total Conversion)so I need some help with my resolution in game. My 21" monitor is multisync so it doesnt work in res's under 1024x768(sometimes i can get it going on 800x600-but not in WinXP)So I need to know how to change the gme screen resolution. I know in YR it has been locked to 800x600 and upon changing the resolution(either in game or manually in RA2MD.ini) the in-game resolution is changed but not the menu screens. Any help would be appreciated.
> > Can't you get it to work if you change the refresh rates?

> It's a mess of a time to play with the refresh rates-as with the wrong one-my monitor blinks out an i need to hook p my old 13" viewable- I must look through the fuzzyness of the wrong rate and try to get back to a resolution where i can see. I used to have an optimal rate hotkeyed but that was on another card I used to have. Right now I have a GeForce2 32mb. There is a graphics card that fixes this but is somewhere near $200-300 for a 32mb one. Dang blasted MultiSync monitor!!!:mad

Chill dude if ya have that nasty screwed up screen experience, start up in safe mode and set the reso. back to default (u DO have a startup disk i hope)......

Re: A resolution question...?Olaf van der Spek18:03 14-03-2002

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