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about the new things in YRramon23:25 17-03-2002

thanks for the help i hope i am not bothering anybody but there is on more thing...

about the magnetron from YR, i tried to use another locomotor for the weapon other than the hover one and it worked but it disabled the vehicle in the process, permanently. I was thinkinng of making a superweapon type thing that chrono's units from across the map to your base.
How also do you regulate the speed at which the unit is pulled towards you? it is not the damage and there is no specific tag maybe it is hardcoded, there are a lot of neat new features in YR like the boris laser airsrtike thing, i want to get the aircraft to deploy and so leave a unit behind, in that way you could make a chrono reinforcement thing is there any way to do this? thanks again fo your help!!

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