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Interesting FIle in Renedagevolkov95616:37 20-03-2002

gamemodes.txt - Tom Spencer-Smith, Oct 2000

This is a brief outline of the 10 different multiplayer game modes.
This document is for development purposes and should not be shipped.
Refer to this when you are unsure about a particular game mode.

Kill the other players!

There are 2 teams. Kill the players on the opposing team.
Highest scoring team wins.

Game starts with one "Mutant", and the rest of the players are "Regulars".
Regulars have a limited number of lives.
When a Regular loses his last life, he joins the Mutants.
The last Regular alive is the winner.
When the game restarts, a player is randomly selected to be the new Mutant.

Collect the opposing team's flag and bring it back into your pedestal.
You pick up a flag by running over it.
You can drop it by pressing "B".
A captured flag is worth a lot of points to your team.
When you capture a flag it is returned to the owner team's pedestal.
[Note: designer requests for gameplay modifications not yet implemented]

- Flag_Cap_Team_Points
How many points a team gets for capping another team's flag.
- Flag_Loss_Team_Points
How many points a team loses when it's own flag is capped.
- Flag_Cap_Carrier_Points
How many points the guy who carries the flag into the pedestal gets.
- Flag_Carrier_Max_Speed
Limits the speed of anyone carrying a flag. Expressed as a percentage of
normal maximum speed.
- Is_Team_Able_To_Move_Own_Flag
Can a team pick up and move their own flag?
- Is_Flag_Carrier_Able_To_Use_Weapons
Can a guy carrying a flag use weapons?

Dr. Mobius stands around pondering idly until somebody runs up and nudges him.
He will then follow. Lead him back into your team's pedestal for a
points reward. He will then teleport back to neutral territory.
[Note: DrMobius.cpp script is available for designers to modify]

- Mobius_Cap_Team_Points
How many points a team gets for capping Dr. Mobius.
- Mobius_Is_Invulnerable
Whether or not Dr. Mobius can take damage.
- Mobius_Max_Speed
Limits the speed of Dr. Mobius. Expressed as a percentage of
normal maximum speed.

One player, the KOTH, is tinted green, and has increased damaging power.
The one who kills this player takes his place as KOTH. However, as with
all game modes, winning is determined by score. Being KOTH merely conveys
an advantage during play. KOTH is essentially deathmatch with one
advantaged player.

- Only_King_Can_Score
Whether or not only the KOTH can score points.
- Koth_Determination
There are two methods for deciding who gets to be KOTH.
If "Score leader" is selected, the person with the highest score is always
the KOTH. This mode is not compatible with the Only_King_Can_Score option.
The other method is for any person who kills the KOTH to become the new KOTH.
- Koth_Damage_Multiplier
A factor > 1 that scales all damage done by the KOTH.

Used for playing the single-player missions cooperatively. You can use this
with saved games too. Co-op mode is limited to 2 players. When the second
player joins he is placed near the first player.
[Note: This mode will require some design and code adjustments to work well]

Only two players are active at any time: the reigning "Champion", and a
contender. The champion is distinguished visually, with a cyan color tint.
Other players are queued up to fight, and spectate while waiting.
The long-term goal is to set a record for consecutive wins as Champion.
[Note: spectating camera needs some fixing as it presently does not track
the star properly]

This is a non-team game in which you have limited lives. When you lose
your last life you become a spectator and are crossed out in the player
list. The last guy alive wins.
If somebody joins the game late, they will join as a spectator.
[Note: spectating camera needs some fixing as it presently does not track
the star properly]

- Reaper Timer (seconds)
If non-zero, the player with the lowest kills has a life "reaped" each time
this time counts down to zero. Prevents players from running off and hiding.

Not yet implemented.

- Starting Credits
Number of credits (>= 0) given to each team at the beginning of the game.
- Target Credits
If either team reaches this number of credits, they win. If set to zero then
there is no credits target.

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