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Windows 2000 professionPhil11:47 20-03-2002
Re: Windows 2000 professionWill16:49 20-03-2002

> i need a file MSBCP60.dll

First off, if you have any other other XCC utilities
installed on your computer and they work fine, then just
reinstall xwif but in the same directory as the other XCC

Else, read on

This file can be downloaded from the XCC Utilities - it is in the DLL pack.

Download that DLL pack and unzip the files into the same
directory as you placed xwif (and the same directory as you
should place all the other XCC utilities that you download
in the future).

Anyway, Olaf keeps these DLLs separate as all his programs
use them, so you only need to download them the first time.
And some people already have them installed because of other

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